Coach Spotlight: Shawna Norton

Shawna, of Competitive Female Training, talks us through how she’s using FITR to deliver her nutrition guidelines and Olympic lifting training. Learn how she’s using the Zapier integration to streamline a lot of her businesses processes, and how she’s managed to grow her business since using FITR.

Coach Spotlight

Feb 8, 2024

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How do you deliver your programming?

I deliver my programs 100% remotely. FITR allows me to work with multiple clients for both training and nutrition at one time allowing me to work with clients all over the world.

What program types do you use to deliver your training?

FITR makes it so easy to offer many different program types, including creating nutrition programs, templates and teaser trials based on our needs.

Which features are helping you the most and why?

I love ’s Zapier connection, it has been revolutionary to Competitive Female Training’s offering, for both the backend software side and support. I can do so many things to acknowledge our athletes, which for a small team, has been immensely useful; from birthdays, to milestones, to logged workouts. I can send automated emails, create posts in our Circle community, and even start the mailing process (including birthday cards!) in a streamlined, efficient system. I can also track client conversions from trials to subscribers, to cancellations. It really sets you apart from other coaches and their platform offerings.

We have seen our revenue grow by almost 40% by using FITR - the ease with which we can create programming based on what our clients need has allowed us to generate an entire stream of income on our 6-8 week programs (and it is SO easy to MAKE the programming).

FITR’s easy-to-use layout allows me to help clients stay on track with simple habits they can tick off each day. Here at competitive training, we like to include the following parts on each day: 

  • Tracked nutrition
  • Minimum step count
  • Movement
  • Veggies consumed
  • Water consumption

Are you using Benchmarks in your training?

Yes. For all the Olympic lifts, it saves a heap of time, making programs personalised - a dream!

Do you use White Label?

Yes, and we haven’t looked back. It’s been great at bringing all branding together to provide a unique, premium offering that makes the app feel more like our own.

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