Coach Spotlight: Shane Jerman

Shane Jerman is a strength and conditioning coach, and the founder of MST Systems. Read on to find out how he uses FITR to deliver his specialist strongman and restoration training.

Coach Spotlight

Dec 15, 2022

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What style of fitness/sport do you coach?

Strength & Conditioning and Strongman Fitness.

How do you deliver your programming?

I use FITR to deliver all my programming online.

What program types do you use to deliver your training?

I use the Custom program type on FITR to deliver custom restoration, accumulation and intensification training blocks.

Which features are helping you the most and why?

The templates section is very handy, especially for things we regularly program, like shoulder stability work. It saves us a ton of time being able to create a template once and then reutlise it across programs over time.

Are you using Benchmarks in your training?

Yeah, squat, bench, deadlift, the strongman ones like log. FITR actually loaded some strongman specific ones for us when we started using the platform and they’re always happy to add more to the library.

Since using FITR how has it changed your coaching business?

FITR has saved me heaps of time in creating training phases.

It saves us a ton of time being able to create a template once and then reutilise it across programs over time.

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