Coach Spotlight: Roxana Woolley

Learn how Roxana, founder at @yolofoodboxuk uses FITR to deliver nutrition advice and simple diet plans alongside personalised workouts for her clients. She highlights the features that she finds most beneficial for her, and her clients.

Coach Spotlight

Feb 1, 2024

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How do you deliver your programming?

I deliver a hybrid mix of both in-person and online. FITR allows me and my husband to plan nutrition & workout plans, providing a full service all in one app. 

What program types do you use to deliver your training?

I use fixed-length and custom programs to deliver my training. I love how easy FITR is to use, specifically how simple programming is to create, copy and edit, saving me time, 

Which features are helping you the most and why?

Copying weeks and editing them, which helps me save time, whilst also providing a personalised service. The messaging feature is also very useful as I don’t have to use WhatsApp and mix up personal and professional messaging. Instead, everything is succinct and all in one place, perfect for our clients as well as ourselves.

Since using FITR, how has it changed your coaching business?

The biggest things have been getting great client feedback and saving so much time. We have only recently started using FITR and the changes have already been phenomenal. Being able to provide both personal training and nutrition coaching in one app has been revolutionary, saving us time and money. We particularly love how easy it is to be in direct contact with clients, and vice versa. Allowing us to make quick changes to programs, enabling us to offer a highly personal approach. It’s so easy to track performance, even on a nutritional level, with habit tracking, such as easy tick of ‘training parts’ such as water consumption, steps, calories and macros. My partner and I couldn’t recommend FITR enough for both Personal Training AND Nutrition.

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