Coach Spotlight: André Houdet

André Houdet is the director of training at No Shortcuts. They offer quality programming that’s thought-out, thought-through, tested, and explained to the highest standard by coaches who are obsessed with the success of their athletes. Find out how André is using FITR to deliver his programming.

Coach Spotlight

Feb 9, 2023

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What style of fitness/sport do you coach?

Functional Fitness.

What program types do you use to deliver your training?

We love using FITR as it has all that we need in order to deliver effective programming, build an online worldwide community, and easily communicate with our team.

Which features are helping you the most and why?

Automated Payments have saved us a lot of time and headaches.

Being able to communicate with each individual as well as the whole community at the same time has really helped our team to save time, but also improve communications.

The Storefront is great, it’s simple and easy for clients to access, learn about No Shortcuts and our services, and subscribe to our programs. It also means I don’t have to worry about building a website as the Storefont on FITR handles everything we need.

White Label is a game changer for us as we’re big on branding, now we can offer a seamless brand experience across all client touch points.

Are you using Benchmarks in your training?

Yes. The benchmark system is great as it allowed us to design our own testing system. This improves client retention as we can provide them with visual progress and data from their hard work.

Are you using our White Label feature?

Yes. It’s a fantastic addition to FITR as we can express our brand the way it was designed. Branding is key when it comes to building more than a training program.

Since using FITR how has it changed your coaching business?

We’ve saved an incredible amount of time using FITR for payments, communication and programming features. Our business has tripled over the last 2 years and we’ve been able to create an impactful and much more scalable product.

Thank you for your service. I’m looking forward to growing with you.

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