Coach Spotlight: David Magida

We caught up with David Magida, the 2023 Hyrox North American Champion and founder of Elevate Interval Fitness, to find out how he uses FITR to power his hybrid training business.

Coach Spotlight

May 19, 2023

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Meet David Magida

David Magida is the 2023 Hyrox North American Champion and the founder of Elevate Interval Fitness, a group training facility in Washington, DC. He is a founding member of the Spartan Race Pro Team, the author of “The Essentials of Obstacle Race Training” and host of Spartan Race on NBC Sports and ESPN.

A competitive runner and racer since he was 10 years old, David has over 25 years of racing and training experience. He has mastered the Hybrid Training method, running a 2:37 Marathon, finishing 5th at the Hyrox World Championships and finishing 13th Place at the JFK 50 Mile all in the span of a year. David has finished in the Top 5 of World Championship events on six separate occasions, including Hyrox, universally considered the world's toughest fitness race, as well all four DEKA distances, including a world record and World Championship title in DEKAFit doubles. 

David's athletes have also achieved great success. He has coached hundreds of athletes through their first event, hundreds more to PRs and dozens of athletes to their first podium finishes. He has even coached World Champions, Ultramarathon winners and Olympic Trials qualifiers. 

David knows how to coach. He knows how to motivate. And he legitimately cares about your progress. So if you're ready to take the leap, to truly take your training seriously, to become a strength runner and a real Hybrid Athlete, you're in the right place.

What style of fitness/sport do you coach?

Hyrox, DEKAFit, OCR, Running, Hybrid Fitness Racing.

How do you deliver your programming?

I offer hybrid training. FITR had enabled me to reach athletes all around the world. I have athletes throughout the United States, but also in Europe.  I can do this, while also using the program to support my athletes who live in Washington, DC and train with me daily.  It gives me the ability to give them structure when they aren't in my facility, whether traveling, or just training individually that day. 

What program types do you use to deliver your training?

Session 1, Day 1, although I'll be putting out some additional 8 week programs shortly as well. The best feature about this program type is that all of my athletes begin on the first day. This means everyone is getting the full benefit of the program. Starting from the beginning. They are training intelligently, thoughtfully and with purpose this way. It enables me to include the necessary video to support them in any way I can, mostly in terms of technique and the approach to each workout. So I can increase their overall skills, their fitness, and their approach and preparation, without anyone missing any of the details.

Which features are helping you the most and why?

I'd say the simplicity of the programming page helps me the most. Templates and the copy paste function enable me to set a framework for the program that I'm then easily able to plug in, adjust and modify so I can maximize how much I build in a small amount of time. I think of it as laying a backbone or foundation.

Are you using Benchmarks in your training?

I use some, both to help establish pacing, and some leaderboards.  

Are you using our White Label feature?

Yes, I am still working on finalizing some branding, so at this point I am not taking full advantage of the white label. Come back to me on this one soon!

Since using FITR how has it changed your coaching business?

I'm saving a great deal of time, building out my athlete list and providing additional tools to my athletes who I coach in person. And the video content is a huge plus.

Their support team has been phenomenal.  I really love the work they're doing and they do their best to truly support athletes.  

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