Coach Spotlight: Chris Rigby

Learn how Chris Rigby, founder of Rig Training, is using FITR to deliver his remote training.

Coach Spotlight

Mar 14, 2024

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Chris Rigby - Head Coach / Founder of Rig Training. 

Chris has 20-plus years of experience playing high-level sports and coaching his client base. He uses FITR to deliver 100% remote training.

What program types do you use to deliver your training?

At Rig Training, we use 1-2-1 Programs, Monthly Subscription, and one-off Programs. I like the ease and flexibility of all of the program types, as they allow me to be flexible with delivery and adjust programs whenever I need to. 

Which features are helping you the most and why?

The ability to write my programming in the text boxes and also incorporate tailored % work into peoples programs so it is specific to them especially in the monthly programs. 

Are you using Benchmarks in your training?

I use a lot of benchmarks as I am always doing strength training cycles within compound lifts, Olympic lifting and cardio targets. 

Do you use White Label?

Yes, I use it to add the extra element of customisation and make people feel directly a part of my Brand and Community. 

Since using FITR, how has it changed your coaching business?

Financial improves as everything is automated and easy when people sign up and convert to paying customers. 

There have been huge time savings, and the system is now set up with the Integration of Zapier, taking it to the next level. 

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