Coach Spotlight: Andy Murphy

In 2019 gym owner and head coach, Andy opened his own Functional Fitness Facility, Urban Gym. Along with a friendly and knowledgeable team of coaches, Urban Gym helps others become stronger, healthier and happier by training smart and having a holistic approach to health and well-being. Find out how Andy uses FITR to enhance his in-person gym programming.

Coach Spotlight

May 4, 2023

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What style of fitness/sport do you coach?

Functional Fitness.

How do you deliver your programming?

We offer a hybrid mix of both in-person gym training and remote coaching. 

By having FITR it enables us as a gym to coach our clients even when they cannot attend our facility. This ensures that those who go away on holiday, away for work/college reasons etc to still feel part of our community and means that the member can still follow our in gym programmes.

It means that the client/member can still make those all important health and fitness gains irrespective of where they are on any given day. Plus the added accountability of having a coach checking in gives real value and allows us to provide a real premium service to our consumer.

Furthermore, our in gym members have the added value of being able to track their lifts, interact with the gym community, see videos from Urban Gym coaches of how to perform each exercise on the programme that day. Additionally, members have the ability to take part in leaderboards and challenges if they wish to do so. It’s a fantastic way to build the gym community and can be a fantastic retention tool also.

What program types do you use to deliver your training?

As a group based gym we use the Group Rolling Calendar program type. This is so that our in gym LIFT programme is easily accessible to those that join on any given day in the year and can link straight in with everyone else on the program.

Which features are helping you the most and why?

We love the ability to link in videos from the Media Library because so many learn not just by doing but by visual too. This enables members to see what they will be doing prior to the session but also gives members the opportunity to review any exercises that they may be struggling with.

Are you using Benchmarks in your training?

Yes. We love Benchmarks as it gives members the opportunity to see their improvements that they make as a result of following a fun, challenging but progressive training model. It helps us as a business to build real social proof too as the data is there in black and white.

Are you using our White Label feature?

Yes we are. We chose White Label as it really enables us to get our brand out there. It’s a really classy look, especially when looking to attract new members. We specialise in coaching whereas FITR specialises in fitness app development. You guys are the best in the business when it comes to providing a premium user friendly fitness app. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Since using FITR how has it changed your coaching business?

Our key reason for using FITR was to be able to provide added value to our current in gym members. And it has done exactly that.

It has enabled us to grow so much more. The app itself is so easy to use and the people behind FITR are fantastic and always on hand to help if you aren’t exactly great with tech (like me!).

The value add piece especially to gyms similar to ourselves, who care for each member and love seeing not solely body composition change but performance growth, is the data. FITR gives clear performance and tracking data so each member and coach can see client progression in black and white. Members see themselves every day in the mirror and it can be hard to see change, however, what gets measured gets managed and being able to show a client clear results is a fantastic tool to have in both yours and your members pocket.

It’s a 5 star premium service, especially white label. FITR can help you and your business to stand out in what can be a very noisy and crowded market. You don’t have to be a tech wizard to use the service, it’s really easy to use and looks slick too. Plus, the people behind it are fantastic and always on hand to help ensure you, your business and community are getting the most out of the app. While you help your clients get fitter, you and your business will be FITR as a result due to having a quality system in place that saves time and allows you to operate better on all fronts.

Our key reason for using FITR was to be able to provide added value to our current in gym members. And it has done exactly that.

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