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The Training Design Program utilises FITR Training's Community features to keep his clients engaged and communication flowing.

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Jul 1, 2020

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Rich Marchant from The Training Design Program offers functional fitness programs but struggled to find a functional software to deliver it! He recently started to use FITR Training software and has seen his business evolve because of the software's simplicity and functional features. The community feature has proved to be a life saver with the ability to keep in touch with his clients with ease.

How did The Training Design Program evolve?

The Training Design started with helping people structure extra training that they would do either at home or after a class workout. I saw that people wanted to work on a weakness, but they didn’t know where to start. So I started writing programs for things like gymnastic skills and squat progressions and it just evolved from there.

Before FITR Training how did you provide your programming?

I used another software platform.

What styles of programming do you offer?

I have been in the fitness industry for 10 years. Throughout that time I have obtained widespread collective knowledge that I procured from lots of talented people along the way. I have utilised this decade of experience in my programming, which covers all sorts of things from getting your first pull up to competitive CrossFit.

How does FITR Training help you deliver these kinds of programs?

FITR Training is a really user friendly software. I have used other platforms but none cater for taking care of clients that are in group programs and individuals that have a bespoke program. FITR Training takes care of it all!

What is your favourite FITR Training Feature?

I really like the group program conversations feature.

What does the Future look like for The Training Design Program?

I would like to see The Training Design grow, whilst helping people enjoy their journey in fitness. When I see people use my programs and find them beneficial, I genuinely get a kick out of that.

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