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Shane Jerman talks about how Fitr has given his strongman coaching a level up. After using his old platform for six years, he couldn’t be happier about transitioning to us.

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Dec 16, 2022

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Shane Jerman is a strongman coach for athletes such as Mark Felix, 17x WSM competitor and Lucy Underdown, Britain's Strongest Woman. We were keen to ask him why he started using Fitr over his old platform and whether the transition was worth it. To hear his response read on.

Why did you switch from your old platform?

I’ve been offering strongman coaching for six years using another online platform to deliver programming to our clients. We initially started looking for another platform for two reasons. As our client base has grown, so has our monthly bill, the previous platform charged per client, meaning we couldn’t continue growing our business without incurring significant cost. 

Secondly, we’d been having some problems with the delivery. I wasn’t happy with how it was presented in the app. My first introduction to Fitr, was when I used it as a client and liked what I saw. The presentation of the programming was so much nicer. I liked how easy it was to access the videos and see the technical breakdowns; the whole app flowed nicely. 

I decided to look into it a bit more, and as I did, I discovered that the coaching platform flowed just as nicely - it was amazing. Loading the programs was so much more fluid. It saved me loads of time, and I could run my business more efficiently. They also offer a 14-day free trial, so it was a no-brainer.

How was the transition to Fitr?

I initially had doubts about moving over, as other coaches will probably appreciate. Providing my clients with a consistent coaching service is essential to me, and I didn’t want them to notice a difference. I wanted them to be able to sign in, and everything they needed would be right there, as they’d become accustomed to.

We’ve got hundreds of existing templates and probably a couple hundred videos uploaded on our previous platform. I thought I’d spend weeks manually uploading one video after the next, adding new templates and getting set up. In fact, it was effortless. One of the great things I found was I could click the upload a video button, add up to four hundred videos if I wanted, and leave it overnight. Sure enough, all my content was there, with none of the hassle.

Another major selling point for me was that Fitr charges a monthly subscription for their service, saving me quite a lot of money. The transition to Fitr has been beneficial in so many ways, I’ve saved time uploading all my content, saved money and I’m able to offer an even better and more efficient coaching service for all my clients.

What are your thoughts on programming in Fitr?

I’m one of those coaches that likes to write a paragraph when offering feedback, not just a couple of lines. It was great to see that the layout of the Fitr app was far superior to our old platform. Clients would have to scroll down what felt like five metres before they found the coach cues. With Fitr, everything a client would need was easily accessible, breaking down the information in more detail. I felt we were offering a much more professional standard by using Fitr. The ability to insert assistance exercises easily, adjust the templates and the wealth of other features make Fitr an excellent choice for coaching Strongman.

One of my favourite features is the benchmark system. Unfortunately, there were no strongman specific benchmarks, so I contacted Fitr. They were great. We jumped on a zoom call and discussed what we needed. They included all the strongman benchmarks for us on the platform which meant my clients could all track their personal bests directly in the client app. Previously I’d had to remember one hundred and fifty-plus PBs, so this was a game-changer. The benchmarks section of the platform meant that everything was tracked and in one place. I was able to start offering more tailored training; for example, we could take 80% of someone’s farmer walk max and add that to their training plan easily.

Do you have any final thoughts to share?

Overall I couldn’t be happier with Fitr. I really recommend it. The transition has been smooth and effortless, and as a strongman coach, it’s great to see such an efficient and fluid system capable of catering to our needs. The Fitr team has been great with adding those benchmarks for us. If you’re an online coach, you need to get yourself on Fitr. We’ve been able to offer a better service to our clients and save ourselves time and money. You’d be mad not to try it out for yourself.

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