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Josh Adams, boxing and strength conditioning coach, offers some insights into his search for an online coaching platform. Read about his journey, and learn why he felt FITR was the best choice for coaching boxing online.

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Dec 9, 2022

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Choosing the right software for online coaching can be daunting, so we wanted to share some insights from boxing and strength conditioning coach Josh Adams. He’d been searching for the right platform to meet the needs of his boxing clients, eventually finding FITR. We’ve asked Josh questions about the journey that led to him choosing FITR.

What was your journey before finding FITR?

When I first considered online coaching in 2020, it was because I saw the opportunity to take my niche area of coaching to a broader audience. I’d, of course, heard of TrueCoach and Trainerize and completed trials with their software, but I was disappointed. 

The rigidity of their systems and the visual presentation weren’t what I was hoping for. In my experience working at Tottenham Hotspur F.C., I was responsible for generating complex, physical reports from GPS data using a tailor-made excel spreadsheet. Having worked with a solution like that, the rigid and juvenile apps I experienced didn’t satisfy my standards. I needed something that ticked all of the boxes.

Why did you end up choosing FITR?

When I discovered FITR, it was a different game; the storefront was the most significant appeal to me. I viewed this as an opportunity to have a mini website that allowed me to include unique bodies of text and add my imagery to training programs; I saw the potential immediately. 

I was able to separate my own brand identity away from that of FITR. The ability to advertise and sell my coaching through this platform was a huge step forward in providing a professional coaching service. It’s what I had been looking for. It’s clear that FITR has worked hard, designing their app with coaches in mind. The numerous features available for coaches make offering online coaching simple and automatic without losing the personal touch of coaching your clients.

Do you have any tips for making the most out of your trial?

FITR offers a 14-day free trial, and what a selling point. It was the best way to truly understand the features available to me. One thing that I found helpful was creating a client account. I wanted to see how my clients would view my program. 

Being the first time I’d written and offered online programming, this exercise helped me realise that I was over-egging the pudding, so to speak - which is ironic as one of the greatest strengths FITR has to offer is its simplicity. During the trial period, I had the opportunity to experience all of the features, from creating my programming and using the storefront to understanding the tracking and benchmark features, which proved very useful in my discipline of coaching. 

What are your coaching aspirations?

I aim to be the number one option and the go-to online coach for boxers globally. There are so many boxers out there, casual or amateur, who are great with their technical boxing training but need to catch up because they are still determining how to go about their physical training and development. I want to be the source of knowledge and guidance for these people, using FITR to get me there.

Will you be upgrading to White Label in December?

Absolutely. One of the features that most attracted me to FITR, as you know, was the storefront. It gives my coaching platform a more personal touch. Having the option to White Label brings a whole new level to the possibilities of my online coaching. It is more than personalisation; it’s custom branding. My clients will see my business the way I want it to be seen from the moment they interact with me. It will add immeasurable value to me as a coach, as I will be able to showcase my brand for the world to see. You can find out more about White Label on their website.

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