Brand Spotlight: JST Compete

We caught up with Steven to find out why he chose FITR Training to deliver his highly sought after programming.

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Jan 20, 2020

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This week we are talking about FITR Training Brands, which is when two or more coaches operate under a single name to train their clients. 

Introducing one of our biggest Brands, JST Compete who joined FITR Training at the end of 2019 to deliver all their online coaching. Founded by Steven Fawcett, JST Compete is one of the largest online remote coaching businesses in Europe. 

Very much revered in the CrossFit industry as a seasoned athlete, Steven is a 7 times Crossfit Games Regional athlete (Europe + Meridian), he achieved a 1st Place in the European Open 2015 and is a 3 times CrossFit Games Athlete (Individual in 2015, Team 2017 & 2019). So it comes as no surprise why he has such a large following and respect when it comes to programming across the world. 

Check out Steven in action in the video below.


We caught up with Steven to find out why he chose FITR Training to deliver his highly sought after programming. 

What type(s) of coaching do you offer and how many clients are you currently training?

We offer a full range of different styles of programs. Our main programs are based on a rolling subscription calendar format, so when clients join the program, they start from the day they join.

We run fixed length programs for those looking to achieve certain goals, to offer ad-hoc one-off training and also to offer free samples to those looking to come onboard.

Last but not least we offer fully bespoke programming to those clients that need that extra level of training.

We’ve got something for everyone! 

We have over 350 clients being managed through FITR Training, which as you can imagine is a lot of work. The features on the site make handing this number of clients really easy. We’ve actually seen an increase in our client base since we’ve been on FITR Training so we’re delighted!

How do you manage that many clients, do you have a team of coaches?

I couldn’t handle 350 clients on my own for sure! We have over 15 coaches working under JST Compete, all of whom are linked into our FITR Training account, working together.

Have you trained coaches remotely before?

 Yes, I’ve done remote coaching now since 2013. It all started with a google spreadsheet and then developed into a site I had built myself. 

For those that are thinking of building your own site to deliver your training, it’s really not worth it. It’s extremely time consuming and can get very expensive. 

JST Compete as a coaching provider outgrew the site faster than we could update it, and it distracted me and the team from what we really want to do which is coach. We wouldn’t look back now.


How did you find getting up and running on FITR Training? 

We had 300 clients to migrate over from our old system, including their subscriptions. Naturally I was quite nervous and stressed initially about making the transfer, but it actually ran really smoothly and the guys at FITR Training were really helpful to make that process as smooth as possible.

For anyone looking to bring people across, just give the guys a shout at FITR Training and they’ll help you out. I got all my clients across in about 2 months.


How have you found the different program types you can use? 

It’s really handy, not every client wants to sign up for a subscription so it's handy to have one-off fixed length programs available too. It also gives our clients some flexibility in what they want to sign up to. 

People naturally like to try different things, so if they fancy a swap from one program to another, it’s easy to suggest a different program and make a change.

What’s your favourite feature of FITR Training? 

I really like the benchmark feature. It adds great value to the program as all the clients receive individual training content.

Another large draw to the FITR Training system was that all payments were taken under the same roof and we didn’t have to then juggle multiple different payment merchants. I no longer have to worry if people are paying me, as I’m notified when each payment goes through.

Further to this, sometimes client payments bounce for whatever reason and it’s great to know that that system will automatically warn us if this is the case, and then automatically try to make the payment again. If there’s no luck, the training stops being delivered after a week too. 

We’ve already had a couple of occurrences of this, both with the client payment being successfully made automatically and stopping access to training when the client payment couldn’t be made. Once the client sorted it out themselves, we were back up and running, no issues.


As a brand using FITR Training, what would you say has benefitted you most from using the platform? 

We have saved a lot of time on the admin side of things. Not needing to handle the payments separately and linking in all our different coaches automatically saves us a lot of time that we can now channel into coaching.



What is the main benefit for you using a brand account rather than operating as a single coach? 

We have multiple coaches that we let have access to our training program templates. Given we can quickly and easily link them into a single JST account on FITR Training, it helps us keep coaching systems in place and gives us a reply good brand presence to potential clients.


How’s the feedback from your clients while using FITR Training to access your services? 

They really like the user experience, it’s really simple for them to access and record their training, which is the most important thing for them. To quote one client, “it’s a massive improvement from the old system.”



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