First Time Remote Coach Aims to Transform the Gymnastics Industry

Commonwealth Gymnast, Reiss Beckford hopes his remote programming will fill a gap in the gymnastic industry.

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Jun 30, 2021

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Triple silver Commonwealth medalist gymnast, Reiss Beckford, has decided to fill a gap in the gymnastic market with his first time remote programming RBT Coaching.

Tell us about yourself?

I am a 29 year old gymnast, coming towards the end of my career, and have been coaching gymnastics for nearly 10 years. I was fortunate enough to represent GB and Jamaica at the commonwealth Games 2010/ 2018 and compete at 4 World Championship.

What made you look at remote programming?

During both lockdowns I continued to coach for various gymnastics clubs over zoom. I really enjoyed it and zoom was effective however I did find it extremely difficult to keep track of athletes progress and struggled to find an efficient payment system. This highlighted a huge gap in the gymnastics market to me and I started to research gymnastics specific remote programming software and there was none.

How did you discover FITR Training?

I’ve recently started coaching at W10. One of the coaches there was coaching me and the conversation turned to remote coaching and he was using FITR Training. After my training session he opened his laptop to show me his account and within a few minutes I was sold, this is exactly what I needed!

Are you up and running on FITR Training?

Nearly! I am offering one program on the Group Based Rolling program that allows unlimited clients

who will always start at the start no matter when they sign up. The program is pretty niche and targeted at gymnastic clubs as a lot of clubs don’t have access to gymnastics specific conditioning. It will offer gymnastic conditioning work and injury prevention, which can be integrated into a clubs

usual schedule or as sole conditioning for an individual gymnast.

How do you see your business growing using FITR Training?

My next program will be bespoke. I’m really keen on offering individual training to elite gymnasts as my knowledge and experience could hugely benefit this level of gymnast that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to coach as they are not on my doorstep, so drop me a line if you are interested!

@reissbeckford @reissbeckfordtraining

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