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How FITR Training helped businesses to grow during lockdown

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Jul 9, 2020

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The last few months have hit most businesses pretty hard both mentally and financially. However FITR stepped up to the mark to help those in the Fitness Industry and provided  free access to our software. This enabled businesses to coach remotely and effectively and the biggest feature was that we allowed coaches to give out free programming at no cost to them or their clients.

We have been delighted to hear of many business success as a result of this and we caught up with two individuals to hear how FITR Training not only helped their business but also gave it a boost to grow.

Emma McQuaid

Emma McQuaid

Emma has been with FITR Training since the inception of the software and has seen huge positive changes over the years. She is a CrossFit Games athlete based in Lisburn and is a coach who has been training individuals for the last decade.

Made by McQuaid is her brand name and she started off offering one program on FITR Training, this has since grown to 6 including bespoke 1 to 1 elite athlete training. When lockdown occurred she, like others, lost a good proportion of her income by not being able to PT in person.

So Emma decided to avail of the free training program option that FITR Training was able to provide. She used her social media to share the fact that she had designed a 12 week free body weight program for anyone to use then as the weeks rolled by she started to do a free Saturday sweat zoom class too.

Although this initially didn’t generate income for her she quickly saw how popular her program was and had over 500 people using it from across the world. In turn these individuals have started to sign up for her paid for programs and her online business and grown exponentially.

Micky Smith

Micky Smith

Owner of functional fitness brand EST 28 with Emett Murtagh, Micky is an extremely busy man. He’s a CrossFit Games athlete who secured a top 30 position in the July 2019 Games and trains hard to keep his competitive edge. But on top of this he is a businessman, entrepreneur and coach.

His gym, EST 28,  has undergone a few refurbishments over the years as the business has grown in popularity and he is about to launch version 3 of EST 28, a bigger, better and more useful space.

Micky had dappled in remote programming in the past but it hadn't been too successful. Lockdown gave Micky the opportunity to assess and evaluate the online side of his business. He launched his handstand program, primarily because he knew this was an area that his members always found challenging and secondly he loves gymnastics!

What he wasn’t prepared for was the huge success his program had. He had over 400 people sign up for £5 and his socials exploded with people raving about their great progressions. This shock of online growth then boosted his confidence to offer more programming, he has just released his beginners 40 day ring muscle up program, and his business partner Emett followed suit.

Est 28 version 3 about to launch

Micky believes the simplicity of the software from both the coach and client end is a huge factor for his online success as well as the ability for all payments to be managed and various forms of media to be included in the programming.

As this duo open their new facility shortly they are also continuing to grow their online remote coaching business alongside with ease. They see it as their second gym without the overhead costs, equipment, social distancing and sanitiser!

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