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Jun 25, 2021

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We caught up with an established coach, Sam Perry, who has only delved into remote coaching in the last few years...

Tell us about yourself?

I started Sam Perry Coaching from a passion for fitness and the desire to help others achieve the same passion. I have worked in the industry for over 6 years and helped hundreds of people transform their approach to their lifestyle, mind and body.

How did you get involved in remote programming?

I started with clients who wanted workouts to do at home and those who wanted me to coach but couldn’t get to my gym. It really was only a handful of people and I was using excel spreadsheets to deliver my programming, which looking back now was just so archaic!

Why did you pick FITR?

I really wanted to grow my online business and I saw the free trial and thought it was worth a go! Within that free trial I knew that this was the platform that I needed. It was so simple and clear to set up my account, programs, finance, literally everything was there that I could ever want.

Have you seen a difference in your online business since using FITR?

Yes! I started with 5-6 and I now have around 100 clients. The best thing is I don’t have 10 times the extra work  as I use the group based programming functionality with semi-personalisation to scale, inputting the training once into a single calendar and it applies to 1 or 000,0s of clients. It really has transformed the structure of my business.

What does the future look like?

I’m determined to really grow my business both offline and on. I would love to build my online business to the extent that I need to bring on other coaches under my account to help deliver and manage. Basically I’m not planning on stopping and I'm just delighted that I’ve found the software that will help me achieve this.

Would you recommend FITR?

Completely, it’s helped me not only grow my business but also develop myself as a coach.


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