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Phil Hesketh has competed at the very top level of CrossFit and understands what is needed to get there. When it comes to his business the same, passion and desire to succeed is required!

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Nov 4, 2021

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Two times CrossFit games athlete Phil Hesketh discusses how he manages his rapidly growing remote coaching business using FITR Training.

Tell us about your program?

I started Prepared Programming in 2018 using a word press website and then employed someone for the integrated payments. However the business started to really take off within 6-12 months. The system I had in place just wasn't effective if I really wanted to take my remote coaching business seriously.

When did you decide it was time to go all out in your remote coaching business?

In 2019 my business was growing rapidly so I decided to go full time into remote coaching and stop face to face. This was when I started to look around for a system that could help grow my business.

How did you discover FITR?

Through other coaches who were already using the system. I signed up and have never looked back. Prepared Programming has been using FITR Training for over a year now and is just what I need to run a fairly large, established remote coaching business.

How does FITR help you and your business?

I run 2-3 group rolling programs that I couldn't have done with such ease anywhere else, this really was my game changer. I am blown away with the customer service. If I have a question, it gets answered. Feedback is taken seriously and they are always striving to better the system for coaches. Plus I love the Personal Records feature!

In a nutshell the software platform has been so simple and easy to use and has helped me manage my large client base effectively and professionally.

My vision for the Prepared Program was to create a well rounded and complete training program to help athletes of all levels develop, progress and then excel. The FITR Training platform has helped me accomplish this.


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