Moving from paper to paperless personal training: Our seven steps to success

In the ever-evolving world of fitness, personal trainers are increasingly turning to online coaching to expand their reach and improve efficiency. In this step-by-step blog, we'll explore the key considerations for personal trainers looking to make the move, with a focus on utilising the FITR platform.


Feb 19, 2024

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1. Choosing Your Platform: FITR - One platform for fitness and nutrition coaching

The first crucial step in transitioning to online or hybrid coaching is selecting reliable personal trainer software. If you need a hand, read our guide on selecting and using personal training software here.

With FITR, you can run your entire personal training business from one platform. Automate time-consuming tasks, track client progress and custom brand the app to improve your client experience.

Here at FITR we always strive to be transparent and our pricing model is no different. We have no hidden costs, just a fixed monthly fee, so there are no surprises month on month. On top of fixed costs, we have a customer support team that is on hand to help. We’re proud that we have real people, not bots, responding to live chats within an impressive 15-minute response time. Find out more about why the G.O.A.T, Mat Fraser, and many others use us on our testimonials page.

2. Create your very own storefront with FITR - No fees

With your platform in place, it's time to showcase your services. As mentioned above, we’re all about saving you time and money. Why pay for a website that you have to update, pay for and manage when you can get that all for free in FITR? 

Our Storefront feature empowers personal trainers to have a professional website without the need for external help or fees. Easily build and personalise your storefront, featuring information about your fitness and nutrition programs, client testimonials and allow clients to purchase programs directly from the Storefront.

3. Choosing your program type: Our versatility

Now you’ve got your Storefront sorted, it’s time to add some programs. We offer four program types to cater to various training scenarios. Whether you prefer a structured approach with everyone starting from the first day, fixed-length programs to sell en masse, 1-2-1 programs for bespoke training, or group programs for all clients to follow at the same time, we cater to your needs. This versatility ensures that personal trainers can deliver training to both in-person and online clients seamlessly, making it a truly personalised experience for everyone involved.

4. Streamlining operations with FITR's integrated payments and Zapier integration

Efficiency is key when transitioning to online coaching, and saving time has never been easier. Our integrated payments feature automates the payment process using Stripe, eliminating the need for manual follow-ups. Let FITR automatically deliver programming or remove access based on payments received on your behalf and save yourself hours!

Our Benchmark feature simplifies progress evaluation by calculating percentages of client lifts. This eliminates the need for manual calculations, allowing personal trainers to deliver personalised programming to multiple clients effortlessly. 

For further streamlining, Zapier is your best friend, connecting personal trainers with over 5000+ apps. This integration automates processes, from onboarding to client motivation, allowing trainers to focus more time on what’s important: client interaction and less time on administrative tasks.

5. Effortless progress tracking for enhanced client experience

Here at FITR, we understand the importance of tracking client progress for client experience, particularly when boosting client engagement and motivation. Seeing a clear graph of weights going up can be revolutionary to boosting confidence and morale, whether they’re looking at losing, gaining or maintaining weight as part of their goals, FITR’s Progress Tracking will be sure to keep spirits high.

Workout history is another favourite feature amongst our PT’s and their clients. On those early morning sessions when you can’t remember what you lifted last week, FITR’s got your back. On the coach side, you can instantly see who completed the training sessions, any notes they left and if any clients missed those sessions.

6. Boosting client retention with Leaderboards and Challenges

Now you’ve tracked all your client’s progress and they’re seeing results, how do you make that community feel? Well, online training doesn't have to be impersonal. The Leaderboards and Challenges features create an online community, fostering healthy competition among clients. This boost in motivation and morale contributes to increased client retention, ultimately benefiting the trainer's bottom line.

7. Stand out with White Label branding

Want to set yourself apart from other coaches? Customise the FITR app with your own branding and logo. Our White Label offering allows personal trainers to choose any colour, ensuring a unique and recognisable identity. We handle the software of your custom branded app, so trainers can focus on building and growing their brand in the competitive world of online personal training.

Make the move today

We offer a 14 day free trial to our platform meaning you can try and make the switch without any commitment or risk. Follow our seven steps to success and discover the tools that are benefitting the personal trainers who are moving to an online platform.

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