How to expand your client base with online personal training

In 2024 we’re hearing a lot about Hybrid Training - but have you thought about Hybrid Coaching? The rise of intelligent personal training software allows personal trainers to extend their geographical footprint and optimise their time in order to expand their businesses beyond the realms of their local gym.


Feb 6, 2024

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Hybrid clients

Gone is the predictable five day office week, so it’s harder to secure as many regular in person client sessions. More often than ever, clients are living further and further away from their place of work - spending half their week in significantly different locations. If a client only has half their sessions with you, it’s likely it will impact their performance as well as your earnings. If performance drops, motivation drops - and you can guess what follows. 

Personal trainers leading the way easily break down these geographical barriers by using personal training software. They program sessions for their clients to complete on the days they’re not together, check in on their progress and performance and interact with these clients remotely. This means that service, motivation and payments can be easily maintained.

Supporting in-person training 

Many personal trainers prefer to train their clients in person, but those at the forefront of the industry will still use personal training software to complement their in-person sessions. 

Using personal training software coaches and clients can keep track of performance and track it digitally over time in the app. This physical representation of performance can be incredibly motivating, not to mention useful when writing further programming for a particular client. 

Personal training software makes it easy to keep a record and quickly look up past performance too, as well as automatically calculating metrics like weights, distance and speed to save time and tailor sessions easily in real time. 

Expanding your client base with online only clients 

Adding an online only revenue stream is a no brainer for personal trainers. Using personal training software, coaches can reuse existing programming, and quickly tailor it for other individuals or groups to follow. 

Personal trainers are able to charge a premium for high touchpoint, highly personalised 1-2-1 programming, or charge less for lower touch point clients or groups following the same programming online. Coaches can also sell one off program downloads, like a 12 week strength program, to both existing clients to compliment their training and new clients to give them a taste of what to expect from their coaching. 

Selling programs online is less time consuming than offering in person sessions, and allows personal trainersto coach anyone from anywhere in the world. They’re able to create communities that inspire and motivate each other outside of the hour they spend in the gym together and change more lives more quickly.

Personal trainers do not need as many clients as you might expect to make a good living online. Read our blog on how to scale your online personal training business here.  

Attracting new clients

One of the hardest parts of growing a personal training business is finding more clients. Thankfully, not only is walking the gym floor a thing of the past -  but the size of your potential client base has multiplied exponentially too. 

Being able to drive potential customers to your FITR Storefront or direct to your programs, means that it no longer matters if the client is within a 15 minute travel radius of your local gym. It’s 2024, and you can train anyone, anywhere in the world from anywhere! 

Managing clients online

Personal training software makes managing clients infinitely easier. Trainers can automate time consuming admin tasks like taking payments, delivering programs and managing access. This saves a lot of time chasing up payments and manually keeping track of program access. Software also makes it easier to communicate with clients either directly or in groups, as well as look back at previous programming to inform future training. 

Expand your client base with dedicated software

In the dynamic landscape of the fitness industry, the integration of hybrid coaching and online personal training through sophisticated software has revolutionised how PT’s expand their client base and optimise their services.

This digital transformation empowers trainers to scale their businesses, inspire change, and connect with individuals worldwide, heralding a new era of opportunity and accessibility in fitness coaching.

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