Why a client app is a must-have for PT’s

Mobile apps are revolutionising the way personal trainers and their clients interact and train with each other. They provide many helpful tools, features, and benefits at a low cost, and it’s easier now more than ever to integrate apps into the way you coach.


Mar 14, 2024

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As part of our personal trainer software offering, we provide you and your clients with dedicated apps. There’s no additional cost, and it will allow your clients to follow their training from anywhere, stay in touch with you, record their metrics and more.

Why should every personal trainer have a client app?

Having a dedicated app for you and your clients can offer many benefits and advantages, with some examples including:

  • Millions of people are already using fitness apps
  • Apps can improve your client’s training experience
  • Coach in real-time from anywhere in the world
  • Collect data and analytics to help manage your business
  • Save time on admin by automating business tasks

Millions of fitness apps get downloaded every single day

Fitness apps are popular. Every day, more and more individuals are downloading apps to meet their fitness demands and get the information they need. These same individuals are potential clients, and if they’re already familiar with using fitness apps, it may be easier to attract their business if you have your own app. To showcase how popular fitness apps already are, here are some download statistics from January, 2024 (Source).

  1. Fit Pro - 4.6million
  2. Da Fit - 3.19million
  3. HryFine - 2.51million
  4. Home workout - no equipment - 2.44m
  5. Sweatcoin - walking step counter - 2.37m
  6. Better me: Health Coaching - 2.31m
  7. Mi Fitness - 2.31m
  8. Step counter - pedometer - 1.95m
  9. Weight loss for women: Workout - 1.85m
  10. Strava: Run, bike, hike - 1.83m

An app can improve your clients’ training experience

Ultimately, you want your clients to have the best possible experience when they train with you. It's what sets you apart from other coaches and helps retain clients in the long run. Offering a mobile app for your clients can enhance their experience in many ways, such as:

  • Train from anywhere - Having their training readily available on an app gives your clients more flexibility over when, where and how they train.
  • Built-in messaging - If your clients have any questions, want to check their form, or reach out to let you know about a win, built-in messaging allows them to stay connected with you from anywhere at any time.
  • Video assets and training support - Load your app with videos, documents and images to make sure your clients have the information they need to train at their fingertips. This saves them from having to watch videos elsewhere or ask someone else for help.
  • Progress tracking - Training is all about results, and an app such as ours has built-in tracking features so you and your clients can track key fitness metrics over time.
  • Ease of use - People use apps for everything. They're a familiar format that can be accessed at any time using their personal device.

Coach in real-time from anywhere

Using a mobile app lets you connect with your clients in real time, anywhere, which is a huge plus for both trainers and clients. This tech makes it possible for trainers to offer support and guidance on the go, seamlessly fitting into everyone's busy schedules. 

Unlike traditional in-person sessions which can be time-consuming and costly, mobile apps enable efficient coaching for multiple clients without needing to be in the same location. This makes personal training more accessible and affordable for clients while also broadening the trainer's reach to a larger group of people.

Data and analytics

As your clients use and interact with their mobile app, it will automatically collect data that you can view at a later date. Some examples of the data that may be available include:

  1. Workout completion - Understand which training sessions your clients complete and which they missed.
  2. Lifetime spend - Automatically collect data about how much each client has spent during their time training with you.
  3. Mood and energy levels - View stats about your client's mood and energy levels to understand how their performance relates to how they’re feeling.
  4. Body metrics - Track important metrics and view how they change over time, such as body weight, fat percentage and Personal Record performances.

Save time on admin and processes

Integrating personal trainer software into your business can save you significant amounts of time. For example, you'll cut down on travel time since coaching can be delivered directly through the app, updating your training programs and scheduling sessions can be done in just a few minutes, and you can also automate routine actions such as processing payments and giving clients access to their programs. Learn more about how our software saves you time by visiting our features page.

How to get an app as a personal trainer

Apps are expensive to develop and require ongoing maintenance, but this doesn't mean that you can't have an app for you and your clients.

We've developed software for personal trainers that provides every feature you need to create programs, sell to clients, manage training schedules, automate your finances and more. As part of your account, you'll also get free access to our dedicated apps for you and your clients.

  • FREE client app - Clients can follow training, log their metrics, contact you and manage their profile from the app.
  • FREE coach app - Message clients, review client performances and review their progress directly within the app.

To start using our apps for yourself and your clients, you just need to create an account, upload your programming and invite clients to join. As you make updates such as creating a new training week, we'll automatically update the apps so your clients see your changes in real-time.

Our White Label solution for fitness coaches

You can take our app one step further with our White Label solution. Easily customise the FITR web platform and native iOS and Android apps with your brand colours and logo. To your clients, it will look and feel like they're using your own dedicated app without you having to take on development or ongoing maintenance costs.

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