The importance of branding for your coaching business

Jayne, the owner of Fit Biz talks us through her experience of growing brands for online coaches. She highlights the importance of building a strong, recognisable brand and how and how to get there using FITR and it’s wealth of features including White Label to achieve this.


Nov 21, 2022

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What is branding? 

What is branding? A question most will know the answer to, but struggle to turn into actions.

Branding is everything. It’s how you choose to be seen, and how you’re perceived. From the colours, logo, clothing and messaging you use, branding is hugely important when communicating and marketing your fitness business to your audience. 

Building your fitness brand

When I first work with personal trainerswho need help understanding how to brand themselves, we look at the brands they follow and love, and ask what made them buy into that brand. I ask questions like why do you follow them? What is it that makes you want to buy from them? What is it that makes you want to learn more about them? And where did you find them?

Only by answering these questions can we start to understand what we’re aiming for and how to grow their brand. We want to achieve that “this brand is for me” feeling they get for the first time. We then think about who their potential audience will be; we look at their brand in its current state and ask, does it represent the persona they’re trying to achieve?

What’s the personality of your brand?

The other element of your branding is your personality. As a coach, you work in an industry where personality is absolutely vital in a potential match with a client. There is a reason why videos are crucial in your marketing strategy. If you are solely focusing online, gone are the days of walking the gym floor and striking up face-to-face conversations with people. Essentially online, you are walking the gym floor but competing against many other online trainers; therefore, you must set yourself apart. Show specifically what you are about, who you work with, and why someone should work with you. Showcase who you are and strike up conversations through your posts and branding.

Leads come from your strategies and people buying into you. You are your brand. Every post, every communication, every story, website, and app needs to represent you and who you are trying to target; therefore, consistency online is a crucial element of your branding. This consistency should;

  • Show up daily on your marketing channels. 
  • Be in your colours, images, and style.
  • Be present in your communication and messaging.

How does FITR help coaches with their branding?

FITR is making this even more accessible, a fascinating gear change for you and your fitness business. The opportunity to show up daily with your own branded White Label app. You now have the opportunity with FITR to match the app to your target persona and brand. This is an opportunity now to think about what you want to represent. Who do you want to target? How does that look? 

There’s just over one month to establish yourself ahead of the New Year rush. That rush starts now. You can start working on your brand in the background to ensure you are ready to go live when FITR hits the go button. We can also help you understand any changes or moves you need to make with your brand. Make sure you register your interest at This is a fantastic opportunity for you to upgrade your coaching and align with your brand vision. 

If there’s one thing for you to take away from this article, it’s this:

Branding is the experience/story/message your business communicates with people. Your brand is everything about you as a coach. Your brand needs to resonate with the audience you are trying to attract. Every post, every story, and every blog needs to speak to your potential client. Make sure your branding is aligned with whom you are trying to target, and always ensure that you show your personality through your brand so the potential clients know who they are trying to connect with. 

Now is the time to get FITR

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About Fit Biz 

My name’s Jayne; I’m the owner of Fit Biz Coach. I have been working with coaches and fitness businesses over the last six years to establish their brand, voice, client journey, customer experience and business strategy. We ensure every element matches the coach’s vision and enhances the chance of clients finding you and staying with you long-term. After being a professional athlete and running my own coaching business for nine years, I take my experience working with different brands and coaches to bring a personalised solution to support your fitness business.

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