Why did we build White Label?

Find out what happened behind the scenes before White Label became a reality, and why we’re confident it will be a game changer for our coaches.

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Dec 14, 2022

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Our personal trainer software has always been focused on helping coaches of all sizes grow their business, and many of the features we’ve developed revolve around this goal. Now that we have a powerful platform with unrivalled functionality, we want to provide our coaches with the power to make our platform their own - without passing on the huge cost of development.

We listened to our coaches

We’ve had countless conversations with coaches who are weighing up the benefits of developing their own platform versus using our own. We’ll always tell them honestly that developing something like FITR is expensive, time consuming, and not an easy thing to do.

Our aim when starting FITR was always to take the complication out of this side for PT's and provide them with a platform that will feel like their own, as well as offer them all of the functionality they would include if they did ever develop their own solution.

Following our partnership with HWPO, these conversations only ramped up. More and more coaches were asking about how they can add their own stamp on FITR, and we were hearing things along the lines of:

“How can I get my hands on that?”

This is where White Label comes in. We know that we can make a flexible, powerful and cheaper alternative for our coaches by giving them the freedom to add their own branding to our platform with a few simple clicks.

We weighed up the benefit to our coaches

For 99% of personal trainers, the cost to develop their own app with custom branding isn’t realistic. With so many coaches already using FITR for everything else, it felt like a no-brainer to offer this functionality alongside the platform they already know and love.

It’s never a simple process with development, but we know we have the skills and ability to meet our coaches' needs without costing them excessive amounts of money. In the end, it didn’t take much convincing to push through to the next stages.

We made a plan

Branding is a significant topic in its own right, but we narrowed it down to core features we know our coaches wanted. Namely;

  • Custom colours
  • Inserting their own logo
  • Adding their business name
  • Bypassing the FITR storefront
  • Getting their own app icon

These customisation options offer coaches a lot of power when combined with our existing platform. It gives them a chance to completely overhaul how their clients experience their training and offers many, many benefits. 

We delivered

After scoping out the works and pushing things through development, we're confident in what White Label will offer our coaches and their clients. For us, it's the next evolution of the FITR platform, allowing coaches that extra level of control when using us for their online coaching needs.

We're so confident that we've met the needs of our coaches that we're offering a 14-day free trial so anyone interested in White Label can try it out before committing. There's also an exclusive discount code for anyone who registers their interest before we launch.

White Label is scheduled to launch at the end of 2022.

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