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Feb 24, 2020

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So what’s new?

The Fitr Training platform has just been updated with some awesome new features for coaches and brands make programming and communicating to your clients even more effortless and efficient!

Plus from the client’s point of view, you will notice a revamp to your program library, it’s now split between Active, Past and Invites. Log in to check it out.

1. Your Revamped Client List

We’ve revamped this so all action buttons are now on the same list. You now don’t have to switch between a training list and activity list, it’s one and the same. We have also split out your clients into 3 possible tabs.

  1. Active Clients

These clients are currently following one of your programs.

  1. Pending Clients

This is a brand new concept to Fitr Training. We’ll go into this in more detail below. Note: If you don’t have any pending clients, this tab will not show.

  1. Past Clients

When a client comes to the end of a fixed length program, or for a crazy reason they’ve decided to cancel their subscription, they’ll move into this list. This list will also include clients who we’ve had to cancel their subscription as they haven’t made payment for a period of 7 days.

If one of your past clients signs up to a new program, they’ll move back to Active. You can still message these clients and invite them to new programs.

2. Manually add your clients.

We’ve now made it even more flexible to get up and running on Fitr Training. You can now manually add clients to your account. Head to your clients tab and click the ‘Add New Client’ button.

Simply add their name and email and they’ll sit in your pending clients list, waiting to be invited to a program. We’ll notify them even before you invite them to a program so they can set up a client account ready to go.

Once invited to a program, they’ll get another notification and be to quickly sign up to the program. Don’t worry, if they still don’t have an account at this stage, we’ll get them set up with one.

3. Program Invites. 

You can now invite current clients to a new program. Head to your client list, find the client and click on the ... menu on the right hand side.

Once invited, they’ll move into the Pending Clients tab.

4. Bespoke Programming. 

Once you’ve built a bespoke program, and if you access the ‘Promote Program’ button from the program’s main page, you can manually add new clients, or invite current clients directly from there too.

What’s the fuss with this? Well before with bespoke programs you had to wait for clients to join the program before you could program training for them to follow.

Now, if you manually add them to the program, or invite a current client who’s in your system, you’ll be able to program for them even before they’ve joined Fitr Training.

For any program type you want to use on Fitr Training, you can now get ahead of the game and start programming for them.

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