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Whether you’re a gym owner, a PT who is currently only working face-to-face, or an online fitness coach who wants to take your offering and your income to the next level, FITR Training offers an unbeatable combination of features.

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Sep 3, 2018

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It’s no secret that there are plenty of options when it comes to online personal training software - you may even be doing a form of it already. From e-books and downloadable videos to live coaching via Skype, to more complex fitness software; the choice is vast.  So how do you make a decision on the best option for building your online personal training business? Whether you’re a gym owner, a PT who is currently only working face-to-face, or an online fitness coach who wants to take your offering and your income to the next level, FITR offers an unbeatable combination of features.

The benefits of FITR

Here at FITR Training, we have been known to lock ourselves into a room for hours, making sure we’re covering as many angles as we possibly can to help you grow your online fitness business. And call us big-headed, but we reckon we’ve done a pretty good job. Want to know what makes us the best option? Then read on.

Quickly set up and sell programs

We understand that in order to sell to more clients, you need online coaching software that is going to perform, and perform quickly. Within FITR Training, it’s easy to build high-quality professional training programs and it’s even easier to sell them. The client pays you via our built-in payment software, so no more chasing for bank transfers, carrying cash around or having to go to the bank to pay in a cheque. Simple, easy, fast - done.

Powerful program creator

We’ve got the balance right between making it quick and easy to set up your training plans, without compromising on the tools we offer to make them look and feel really good. Whether your plans are entirely text and photo based, are full video tutorials, or a mixture of all three, we have you covered. You build and structure the plan exactly as you want it, then hit publish and you’re ready to sell.

1:1 Coaching

We’re not just talking about selling one-size-fits-all plans to the masses here. If you want to work 1:1 with a client to focus on their specific needs, that’s easy too. Just create the content as you would with any other plan then drop it into your chosen athlete’s calendar. This bit can be flexible too; you can either set up a long term plan for someone to follow, or switch it up as their priorities change. So, if someone you’re already working with wants to start training for a triathlon, you can drop brand new, relevant content into their calendar to suit their own individual training needs.

Sell content to the masses

We’ve all heard that famous Bill Gates quote “Content is King”, and we wanted to make sure that was reflected in our offering to online coaches. With FITR Training, you can build a content library with hundreds or even thousands of fitness programmes, and with every one you add, your earning potential expands. This one really is a game-changer.

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Deliver content in the way you want

Nobody wants to be constrained to a way of doing things that isn’t their style. We give you the flexibility and freedom to build and sell your plans in a way that suits you. We’ve outlined some of the content building and delivery options below - you can focus on one type of programme or mix it up with any combination to make your offering truly unique.

One-off downloads

If you have a programme called, for example “Fix Your Form - a 4 week plan to sort your weightlifting technique”, this is what we’d refer to as a one-off download. Once the plan is live, it’s downloaded and paid for once, with all the content delivered to the client at the time of purchase.

To really flex things from a sales point of view, why not give clients a free or reduced price taster session of a plan, which, on completion, leads into selling them the full programme.

Automated content delivery for ongoing memberships

With automated coaching programmes, content is delivered to clients just before they need it. Future content is locked until it’s been paid for, so you don’t run the risk of someone downloading an entire year’s training plan with only one month’s membership fee.

People can start the plan when it suits them. So when someone signs up for an automated membership, they always start in week one, and get new content at the end of each week. This means you can have different people at different stages of the same plan, and you just have to add new content in the one place. It will feed to each person when they reach that stage of the plan.

Upload text and video sessions

You can create the content you think your clients will prefer, from simple text-only sheets to full-on video training programmes, or a mixture of the two. Gone are the days of needing video editing experience or producing workout DVDs that people have to buy - FITR Training can do it all.

Build your own content library

Any time you add new videos, images or text to FITR Training it’ll be automatically added to your content library, making it easy for you to re-use it in future plans. The more content you have, the faster your plan creation becomes.

Sell plans with just a link

Every plan you create has its own unique link. Simply share this anywhere from your social media accounts, to mailshots to online forums. Then sit back and watch the signups roll in. We handle the payments and getting you connected to your new client. Want some top tips on how to reach clients with your plan link? Read our personal trainer marketing guide.

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Communicate with your clients and track their progress

We may be based entirely online, but we’re people too and we don’t want to take the “personal” out of personal training. FITR Training offers a wealth of communication, feedback and social options to build a personalised, community feel.

Monitor your clients progress

Everyone likes to share their successes, and with FITR Training you can review videos your clients have shared of their technique or their progress, be notified when they hit a new PB or give them a pep talk when their motivation is having an off day.

Chat to athletes and groups

With our chat function, you can communicate directly with individuals or create group chats for athletes who have signed up to the same plan or who have similar goals. This means you’re building meaningful relationships (and hopefully long-term sales) with your clients, as well as creating a community feel between the people who follow your plans.

Automatic client billing

Nobody’s a fan of being paid in multiple ways or having to chase for late payments. With our built-in payment software from Stripe, FITR Training bills the client directly. We’ll even send payment reminders and late payment warnings on your behalf to make sure any issues are resolved swiftly.

A community of coaches

We are always looking for ways to make our remote coaching platform better - and who better to help us with that than the people we’ve created it for? With this in mind, we’re building a community of coaches who can help advise us on what’s working, what could do with a tweak and what we could add to make FITR  Training an even more powerful tool for your online fitness business.

Flexible pricing

We love a bit of flexibility, and our pricing is no exception. It’s free to sign up for a coaching account and you essentially “pay as you go” depending on your level of activity, so no fixed, inflexible monthly fees.

Works across your connected devices

FITR Training is optimised for smartphones, tablets and your laptop or desktop computer. The only thing you need is for your chosen device to have a working internet connection.

Sign up now!

If you’re ready to start growing your own online coaching business, click here to sign up now and start creating content immediately. And remember, we’re always here if you have any more questions or want to chat live with one of the team - just head over to the helpdesk.

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