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Apr 17, 2020

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Payouts to coaches bank accounts

Payouts to coach bank accounts will now be processed every Wednesday, giving them the best chance of hitting the bank account before the weekend.

Remember you can use your dashboard to see the pending payouts you have coming your way and importantly how much to expect.

Cancel client subscriptions

As a coach you can now cancel client subscriptions on their behalf and you have two options when cancelling.

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1. Cancel the subscription now

This option will immediately stop the client's access to your program. The client will still see today's training, but anything past that will be removed from their training calendar. You might use this option if your client chose the wrong program and wanted to switch.

2. Cancel at end of Cycle (paid subscription programs only)

This option lets the client continue to receive training from the program until the natural end of their next billing cycle. This works much in the same way as if the client had cancelled the program themselves.

Note: As free programs don't have a billing cycle, option 1 is the only option when cancelling a client's free program.

You can also now cancel and refund at the same time!

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This will issue a refund against the last payment on that program. If you need to offer a further refund, head to the dashboard where you'll be able to see every transaction that's gone through the system.

Archive your old programs

By popular demand we've introduced program archiving. Deleting a program is not possible if it's been used in the past, so to clean up your program listing you can now archive a program too.

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Archiving will allow you to hide the program away from your main active program list. It will also mean:

  • All current pending invitations to the program will be cancelled;
  • Clients can no longer download or subscribe to the program; and
  • The program will not appear on your public page.

If you currently have clients on the program, you will either need to wait until the end the program (fixed length programs) or cancel their subscription to the program.

You can restore archived programs clicking the same ... menu on the right hand side. Use the filters to find your archived programs.

An update to your client training warnings

Again by popular demand we've made changes here. It used to work on the basis that if your clients had less than 7 or 14 days of training left to run in their calendar, we'd show a warning that they needed more training.

We've now changed this to a flat 3 days, and it will only apply to subscription based programs.

When fixed length programs have ended, we'll also show a new status called 'Program Finished'.

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That's it for now. We've made other smaller improvements around the system but we won't bombard you with those.

We're working on some pretty big new features so watch this space!


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