Optimising your PT business with Fitr. (Part 1, bespoke plans)

As a quick recap, bespoke plans are exactly as they say on the tin. Some athletes have either the want or need to have totally bespoke content sent to them. In this blog post we look at how bespoke programming is done on Fitr.


September 17, 2018

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Bespoke Fitness Programming with Fitr.

So, you’ve registered on Fitr., you’ve read our guides and you’ve been taken through the walkthroughs. The world is your oyster but you’re not sure on the best way to set your business up on Fitr.

This is the first of a three-part series that takes you through our plan types, and the way they can be used to optimise your business.

Fitrs remote coaching platform

Part 1 – Bespoke Plans

As a quick recap, bespoke plans are exactly as they say on the tin. Some athletes have either the want or need to have totally bespoke content sent to them. This could be because they are preparing for a competition or are at an elite level where tweaks in their programming will make the difference between first and second place.

Bespoke plans give you, the coach, ultimate flexibility. Give the athlete what they need, when they need it. Need to change something last minute, no problem!

Coach and athlete explained

What’s the best way to do bespoke programming?

Bespoke programming can take a lot of time and energy, as they should. You’re creating content specific to that athlete to maximise their potential or focus on a specific area of improvement.

Some coaches build their whole business around this type of coaching and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, as long as you’re getting value for time spent.

The best way to use bespoke plans depends on the price you want to set them at.

So how do I price bespoke coaching plans?

In some ways, the logic is quite simple. You have to ask yourself what is an hour of your time worth? You don’t have to set a number straight away but keep that question in the back of your mind.

Then, think how many hours a week you’ll spend creating content bespoke for one athlete. You should also include hours you spend reviewing their performance and chatting, anything involved in ensuring the athlete has everything they need.

Bear in mind that there will be efficiencies for handling your coaching online, so you may be able to build a draft of the full month’s content in one day.

Multiply the number in your head, by the hours you think you’ll spend in one week and you have a week’s worth of earnings. Multiple by 4 and you’re a rough number at what you should look to charge.

This might turn out to be a relatively large number, and you may need to tweak it down slightly. It’s not designed to be a set number, more a starter for ten. Please heed our advice that the worst thing you can do is sell yourself short. By this we mean give your time and content away for less than it’s worth. Remember, you’re providing this athlete’s programming completely bespoke to them, and therefore there should be a premium!

Bespoke plans sound like a lot of work!

Well, they are! Coaches that focus only on this type of coaching usually charge more and have only a handful of clients.

Fitr. makes things much more efficient with remote coaching, but we can’t make the day longer than 24 hours. It’s about making the most efficient use of those hours!

If this is the coaching you want to focus on, make sure you’re charging a fair value for your time and you aren’t stretching your time too thinly. You’ll hurt your brand taking on too many bespoke clients and your content quality will fall.

You and your content is your brand. Brand image is huge. Make sure the quality never drops. If you feel your quality is dropping, you should think about the number of clients you’re serving and the mix of plans you’re running.

Making the most out of bespoke coaching

Not to sit on the fence, but a lot does depend on the coach you are or want to be. Do you want to focus on bespoke clients and dedicate your time to improving a small number of athletes or do you want to broaden your content to a wider audience?

Well, there might be a middle ground. Why not do both?

Our suggestion is that you should keep a handful of bespoke clients on your books and charge a premium for that service.

With the time you have remaining in your week or month you can adapt or create new more generic based content in Fitr.’s automated plans, that appeals to the mass market!

How should I promote these plans?

We’ve designed Fitr. to use those unique links to help make it easy for people to see your brand. Three quickfire options:

  1. Set the URL of your social media accounts to the link to your overall plan library
Share a profile link

  1. Regularly push specific plan links with relevant content. People don’t like blanket advertising. Take care on who you’re pushing content to, make it relevant to them and you’ll see a much larger buy in to your content.
Share links to a training plan

  1. Remarketing. This is pushing new content to those who have already interacted with your account. Got a group of people coming to the end of a fixed length plan, why not send them a message directly in Fitr. enticing them to buy a certain plan or see if they’re interested in a membership plan? Don’t make this message boring, suggest feedback on what they’ve done, your clients will value this interaction.

How do I make the most of these plans?

That’s the topic of our next blog in this three-part series; Fixed one-off plan downloads. Look out on social media or create an account on Fitr. and automatically receive all these updates over time.

We send out new feature improvements direct to all Fitr. users. Don’t miss out on these updates, sign up to Fitr. today if you haven’t already.

Fitr. is free to try. We only make money when you start making money!

Want a blog post to cover a specific topic? Want to contribute to the blog? Please do get in touch via info@fitr.training or via live chat on the platform itself.


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