Inject benchmarks into your training to personalise client sessions and track their progress.
Personalise client training en masse.
Automatic Benchmark calculation.
Track client progression over time.
Save time building your schedule.
2,000+ Benchmarks ready to use.
Adds another layer to your programming.

Enhance your programming with Benchmarks

Choose from over 2,000 benchmarks in our library and automatically personalise client sessions based on their individual ability. Clients will see their training adjusted to their metrics, and we’ll track their Benchmark performances over time for you and them to analyse their progress.

Personalised client training

When you insert Benchmarks into a training part, we'll automatically adjust workouts for each client based on their individual records.

This means that you can personalise your training to a large group of clients on the same programming with just a few clicks. Depending on the Benchmark you insert, we’ll adjust for percentages, split times, watts, reps and more.

Benchmark tracking

When your clients log their Benchmarks, we’ll automatically create a visual representation of how they’re progressing. You and your clients can monitor new entries and compare them against historical Benchmarks to see how they’re progressing, and plan future training goals.

Insert over 2,000 different Benchmarks

Our Benchmark library has over 2,000 options for you to insert into your programming, and we’re always adding more. Personal trainers using our software can also request that specific Benchmarks are added to the system for them to use in their training.

List of benchmarks


Within the Client App, your clients can search for their previously logged benchmarks. Enabling them to see historical performance before switching back to the workout they are currently performing.

As a coach you can search historical Benchmarks in your program's training schedule. After searching, you'll be able to instantly see when you last used a Benchmark, any notes left by Clients and missed sessions.

Download our Benchmarks Guide

Check out our step-by-step PDF guide that shows you how to get started with Benchmarks.

benchmarks guide

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