Optimising your PT business with Fitr. (Part 3, automated membership)

This is the third and last of a three-part series that takes you through our plan types, and the way they can be used to optimise your business. If you haven’t read part one or two, we suggest heading back to our blog and reading those first.


October 12, 2018

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Part 3 – Automated Membership Plans

We’ve taken you through bespoke plans and one-off downloads. Now it’s time to explore how you can actually sign up clients to ongoing memberships to the same content.

Yep, this is the real beauty that you should explore using in your business. Why? As with one off sales, you don’t have to add content that people buy into their calendar one by one, when an athlete signs up to an automated membership plan, the content will automatically flow to week by week to them.


Why are automated memberships a good thing?

Well it means you only have to add content once to the central plan. Let’s say you have 50 athletes following that plan, you don’t have to manage 50 calendars, you manage the central plan and the content flows to them all automatically.

Manage one calendar and get paid by 50 people!

We’ve built the software so it can understand where every person who’s subscribed is in the plan, and make sure they get the correct content the next week. As people can sign up whenever they like, you may have athletes on week 1, 4, 23 and 57. We don’t want a person on week 4 getting content for week 8 and so on.

When should I use these automated plans?

As we’ve said before, it does depend on what type of coach you want to be, but assuming you want a mix of these plan types, we would advise this type of plan is where the majority of your clients sit.

Why? To stress again, you only need to update the content in the one central plan over time, and it automatically flows to your athletes. Think of all that saved time!

Therefore, managing a handful of these automated memberships, focussed on some core areas so you can capture more of the market can, very quickly ramp up your business earnings.

Will my clients get annoyed at getting generic content?

Generic can sound like a dirty word in remote coaching, but it really isn’t. Generic content doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable to the athlete than bespoke. Most people do not need bespoke coaching. Most people are looking to get fitter and stronger (generalising we know) in the time they spend each week in the gym, not to get 1st place at the next competition.

Therefore, why do they need to pay the premium for bespoke coaching when a generic plan, that is still designed to push them to their limits, is available for a lower price?

Most people aren't willing to pay top prices for bespoke coaching but want a form of programming to follow. A generic plan hits the nail on the head.

What do you really mean by generic?

This is actually simple to answer. Let’s say you were coaching for a bespoke client called David. As you train him with bespoke content you know his capabilities inside out.

This simply isn’t possible, or unlikely, with automated memberships, given the number of people potentially following them. Therefore, with the word generic what we mean is you’re more likely in your content to use terms such as ‘% of one rep max’ or ‘% of max effort’.

That way, your content can be tailored to the person following it and still remain just as challenging to each person.

How much should I charge?

To answer this, you should again consider what your time is worth, how long it takes to manage this plan over time and how much time have you spent creating the content.

Remember that the content isn’t bespoke therefore you shouldn’t charge the same as you would for those plans, but it will take more of your time to run an automated membership plan than a fixed one-off sale.

As a rough example, we’re not saying this is the way to do it, but if you’re selling one-off downloads for £10-25 and bespoke coaching for £150, your automated memberships might sit around £60-80 a month. It really all depends what part of the market you’re going for.

Again, just make sure you’re not selling yourself short. You’ve got great content and people should pay a fair price for it. You’ve also got to offer your athletes value for money, so don’t price them too high.

As we’ve mentioned before you may not get pricing levels correct first time. Don’t worry, just learn for your experience and adjust your pricing so that your athletes get value for money, and you’re earning what’s fair for the service you’re providing.

How should I promote automated membership plans?

We’ve designed Fitr. to use those unique links to help make it easy for people to see your brand. Three quick fire options:

  1. Set the URL of your social media accounts to the link to your overall plan library
Fitr Training Plan Creator

  1. Regularly push specific plan links with relevant content. People don’t like blanket advertising. Take care on who you’re pushing content too, make it relevant to them and you’ll see a much larger buy-in to your content.
Creating a bespoke fitness plan in Fitr.

  1. Re-marketing. This is pushing new content to those who have already interacted with your account. Got a group of people coming to the end of a fixed length plan, why not send them a message directly in Fitr. enticing them to buy a certain plan or see if they’re interested in a membership plan? Don’t make this message boring, suggest feedback on what they’ve done, your clients will value this interaction.

That’s it!

That’s our three-part series complete on the best way to use the plans Fitr. has to offer. We hope you’ve found it really interesting and useful.

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