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Your brand. Our elite coaching software.

Add custom branding in a few simple steps to harness the power of Fitr using your own unique identity.

If you're managing multiple platforms for your bespoke coaching, group based training or payment needs

We’ve got the solution

Fitr seamlessly handles your finances and empowers you to create and manage a wide range of online training services. From e-book type one-off program downloads to bespoke 1-2-1 coaching and large group based training; we’ve got you covered.

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We remove the admin burden of your business

Unlike the other coaching platforms that require you to manually add clients and assign programming, our innovative program creator takes away the hassle.

Create your programming, share customisable URL sign up links, and we’ll automatically assign programming when a client joins.

Our technology does the work, saving you time so you can make more money.

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Powering coaches with 1 to 15K+ clients

Coach, where’s my program, have you sent it over yet, I’ve just paid?

If this sounds familiar, we have a better solution for you.

Automated training program delivery

If you’re still manually assigning programs to clients, or spending time working out which clients need access, there’s a better way.

When clients sign up and pay, we’ll automatically link them into the program and start sending them your training to follow. There’s never a need to assign programs to clients once they’ve signed up.

Manage more clients on Fitr

We allow you to manage a variety of coaching services, integrate your payments, and deliver programming without manual assignment.

Our platform is built to help you grow your business, and by removing a huge chunk of the admin side of your business, you’ll have more time to focus on clients and make more money.

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Payments, billing & invoicing

Forget managing another payment gateway again

Fully integrated payments

With our seamless integration to Stripe, you can sell your training programs without the hassle of managing another payment gateway. Stripe supports 135+ currencies including the following:

United Kingdom (GBP)
United States of America (USD)
United Arab Emirates (AED)
Switzerland (CHF)
Sweden (SEK)
Denmark (DKK)
Norway (NOK)
Euro (EUR)
Australia (AUD)
New Zealand (NZD)

Automated billing

Once integrated with Stripe, automatically collect one-off and subscription payments from your clients on an ongoing basis. Control when you receive payments directly into your bank account via your Stripe settings. You sell, and we’ll handle the rest.

Invoicing made easy

We automatically generate invoices for you and your client base. Make keeping your accounts simple and easy by downloading customisable sales reports with line by line hotlinks to download your invoices.


After Feature

After Feature

Giving coaches and clients what they need
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Client payments

Handle all of your client billing and payouts in a single platform. Automatically charge clients and deliver your training when new purchases or subscriptions are made.

Daily Leaderboards & challenges

Create communities and healthy competition within your client base by setting challenges and logging performances in daily leaderboards.


Customise programming to clients on mass by linking in benchmarks from our central library and offer personalised client sessions with ease.

Integrated storefront

Create your personalised storefront to showcase things such as testimonials, published programs and the coaches in your team. Demonstrate to clients what they can expect by purchasing your programming and by sharing your unique page with them.

Native apps

Keeping up with your clients and making sure they have their programming on the move is simple via our dedicated apps for coaches and clients.

Client messaging

Message your clients on a 1:1 basis or via community groups. Tag your clients across the platform if there's something you want to draw attention to, such as if they've just set a new leaderboard record.

Program trials & coupons

Create trials or coupons for clients you want to demonstrate your programming helping you to secure the sale.

And so much more...

We’re continually developing new features on our system to make sure our coaches are equipped with the best tools to succeed, and we’re building our platform around the very coaches that use us. If there’s something you want to see, we’ll listen.

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Hear it from our coaches...

Join the fitness professionals who have earned over £10 Million using Fitr to train their clients remotely. Here's what a few of them have to say about us:

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“Our aim at Fitr is to move people away from that hand to mouth outlook that is associated with personal training. This traditional perception of coaching is redundant when using Fitr.

“We provide a platform for coaches to elevate the career of coaching into something with a limitless ceiling on earning potential therefore creating a sustainable long term career. “

Leon Cassidy
Founder & CEO
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