Fitr Training For Brands

One brand - multiple coaches.

A brand on Fitr Training is when two or more coaches operate under a single name to train their clients. Operating as a brand is for coaches who want to build a business with other like-minded coaches.

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Why brands use Fitr Training

Brands use Fitr Training to connect a team of coaches who operate under a single identity. This allows them to share the remote coaching workload, freeing up time to focus on program creation and expanding their client base.

Utilising our network-based structure, individual coaches can create and join as many brands as they like. By creating multiple brands, owners have the ability to manage different coaches, offer varying specialisms, build multiple client listings and create unique payment structures across several teams.

Benefits of Fitr Training software for brands

  • Create as many brands as you like
  • Work seamlessly with other coaches - share the workload
  • Build your team and scale your earnings
  • Easily switch between brand and coach profiles with a single log in
  • Multi-user access for client management
  • Improved client communication - multiple coaches can chat on behalf of the brand
  • Subdivide to keep the things you want separate
  • Increase awareness for your brand with a website-like page to showcase your brand
  • Easily share your brand page and programs with unique URLs

Is a brand right for you?

If you’re a fitness coach who wants to build a fitness business with other coaches, then a brand is for you. Designed to help you take your business to the next level by increasing your potential reach and program production through sharing client management, communication, responsibilities and programming with a wider team of coaches.

Brand spotlight: JST Compete

Find out how Steven Fawcett utilises the power of Fitr Training to connect with his team of 15+ coaches and deliver JST Compete programming to 350+ clients.

Fitr Training Online Remote Coaching Software

At JST compete we’ve got different program packages. Some are more generalised to focus on strengths and weaknesses, then we can go up the tiers of programs to get as bespoke as our clients like until we get to fully bespoke at the top; we’ve got a program for everyone.

"Fitr Training is really clear and simple to use"

We started putting our coaching through Fitr Training because the user interface for programming is much more professional than the solution we were using before, it’s really clear and simple to use. The main feedback we’ve received from clients is that it’s easy to view the program and record their results. From our coaches side, it’s really simple to view client results and have conversations with them via the platform.

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