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Online coaching program view page to sell training onlineOnline coaching program view page to sell training online

promote, sell, and bill, without breaking a sweat.

Be like the best. Control everything from within the Fitr platform.

Powering coaches with 1 to 15K+ clients


Everything your website could do, and more.

Build your very own storefront and make it personal to you. Upload information about your team, the benefits to training with you, client testimonials, and automatic links to your training programs for prospective clients to purchase.

Tablet showing customised website page for a personal trainer or coach looking to sell remote training onlineTablet showing customised website page for a personal trainer or coach looking to sell remote training online


Introduce your coaching business, who you are, and what clients can expect when training with you remotely. Don’t skip on the details; this may be the first impression you leave on clients from all over the world, so start your about us page with some winning content and images.

Customise your storefront and program URLS to make them personal to you!

Meet the Coaches

Show prospects which coaches are involved in running your business.

Coach One
Coach Two
Coach Three

Make it clear why they should choose you.

Just like this...

Fitr has the most powerful programming & scheduling options

Trusted by other coaches, with over 1million workouts logged so far.

There’s no need to manually assign programs to clients after they sign up.

A social storefront

Grow your social profiles by linking them into your storefront.


"They’re the best way to show prospective clients what others are saying."

- Fitr


Add your custom FAQs directly to your storefront for prospective clients.


What are Storefront FAQs?


Why use them?

New Client Messaging

Your FAQs can’t cover everything…

Which is why users can send a message directly into your inbox if they need more information.

Ask a Question

Storefront Features

Remote coaching program sell online


Allow clients to access your programming online. Direct clients to your storefront, share links to specific program pages, or invite via email.

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Build detailed promotional pages.
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Add supporting media & preview documents.
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Introduce potential clients to your programming.
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Add details such as the difficulty and how often they need to train.
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Set a price, or offer your program for free.
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Share your programming using customisable URLs, or link directly to your storefront.
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Schedule a launch date for training to begin and generate sign ups in advance. Clients can pre-register and enter card details but won’t be charged until the day your training begins. Great for generating hype around a program launch. This feature is available on ‘Session 1, Day 1’ and ‘Group Rolling Calendar’ program types.

Program launch date
28 Jul, 2023

Program trials

Set trial periods of up to 28 days and allow clients to try before they buy. We’ll automatically start a new billing period at the end of the trial if they decide to stick with the program, and they won’t be charged if they leave during the trial period.

Hidden programs screen shot
Keep Programs Private Icon
Program Visibility

Take control from start to finish.

Stop new subscribers from signing up to your programming, or completely hide programs from your Storefront. Show people only what you want them to see.

Transactions made easy.

Connect Stripe to sell your programming online and automatically receive money into your bank account. Track financial performance and client data through Stripe’s dashboard and reporting tools.

Fast and Easy Set Up Icon
Fast & Easy Set Up

Client payments, without the hassle.

Connect to Stripe in a few simple steps. Once connected, you'll be able to sell programs directly through Fitr with earnings automatically transferred into your bank account.

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Laptop screenshot of payment details for selling remote coaching programs online
Individuals and Companies Icon
Individuals & Companies

Are you a sole trader or a formal company? With Fitr it doesn’t matter; our Stripe integration means you’ll be set up in no time and in the format that suits your needs.

Automated Client Billing Icon
Automated Client Billing

Our integrated payment system means you're never out of pocket. Automated client billing with automatic access restrictions if they miss a payment.

Multi Currency Support Icon
Multi-Currency Support

If applicable, Fitr automatically converts your prices and displays them in the clients chosen currency, taking care of foreign exchange on payments.

Offering free programming?

Forget about our transaction fees.

If your programming is free or you’d rather use your existing payment provider, you won’t be charged transaction fees when a client signs up to train with you. Use our powerful builder to create your programs and opt to sell them for free - you’ll only be charged your monthly subscription fee.

Your programming, your choices.

Promote your programs with discounts or create teasers to attract new clients.

Mobile screenshot of discount and promo codes for online personal training software
Teaser Program Icon
Teaser Programs

Give a little something extra.

Publish an unlimited number of one-off downloadable programs to build brand awareness and introduce new clients to your programming. If you’re offering subscription based-programs, make sure to check out our integrated program trials.

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Discount Code Icon
Discount Codes

Offer exclusive program promotions.

Set up your very own discount codes and offer promotions to new and existing clients.

Promo Code


Dedicated Client and Coach Apps are available for download on iOS & Android. Check them out by using the links below.

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