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promote, sell, and bill, without breaking a sweat.

Control everything from within the Fitr Training platform.

Build your profile and sell yourself to the fitness world.

We've equipped remote coaches with everything they need to showcase who they are and what they do.

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One Account

Forget managing multiple platforms such as your website, content delivery, payment gateway and messaging service. One account on Fitr Training is all you need.

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Program Pages

Build detailed promotional pages for each and every one of your training programs. Add supporting media and preview docs to pitch your program to clients.

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Website Like Landing Page

Customise your very own website-like public page to share with existing and prospective clients. Showcase who you are, what you specialise in, testimonials and more.

Transactions made easy.

Built-in payment processing fees when you sell your programming, and automatic deposits made straight into your bank account.

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Fast & Easy Set Up

Client payments, without the hassle.

There’s no need to manage your own Stripe account, simply link into ours and we’ll take care of charging clients and transferring your earnings into your bank account automatically.

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Individuals & Companies

Are you a sole trader or a formal company? With Fitr Training it doesn’t matter; our Stripe integration means you’ll be set up in no time and in the format that suits your needs.

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Automated Client Billing

Our integrated payment system means you're never out of pocket. Automated client billing with automatic access restrictions if they miss a payment.

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Multi-Currency Support

If applicable, Fitr Training automatically converts your prices and displays them in the clients chosen currency, taking care of foreign exchange on payments.

Offering free programming?

Forget about our transaction fees.

If your programming is free or you’d rather use your existing payment provider, you won’t be charged transaction fees when a client signs up to train with you. Use our powerful builder to create your programs and opt to sell them for free - you’ll only be charged your monthly subscription fee.

Your programming, your choices.

Promote your programs with discounts or create teasers to attract new clients.

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Teaser Programs

Give a little something extra.

Fitr Training allows you to publish teaser programs as giveaways. Use them to build your brand awareness and attract new clients through added value. You won’t be charged for creating these, and there’s no limit on the number you can create.

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Discount Codes

Offer exclusive program promotions.

Set up your very own discount codes and offer promotions to new and existing clients.

Promo Code
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Keep Programs Private

Take control from start to finish.

Hide programs from your public library, show people only what you want them to see.

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