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Screenshot of setting up a bank account to handle payment from clients through Fitr Training remote coaching software

Remote training doesn’t have to be impersonal.

Learn about your clients & take decisive coaching actions based on how they’re progressing and engaging with your programming.

Powering coaches with 1 to 15K+ clients

Client Tracking & Analytics

Keep your finger on the pulse.

We’ve made sure you’ve got all of the information you need about your clients to offer your best services as a coach. View snapshots of how your overall client base is performing, as well as detailed tracking on each individual.

Tablet screenshot for online remote coaching program library


Track Benchmarks, Body Metrics and Challenge entries as your clients log them. Comment on their performances and monitor how they progress over time. Understand what impact your training is having and help them set new goals based on past statistics.

Benchmark tracking
Body Metric tracking
Challenges tracking

Clients can track their progress directly in the app and attach media or leave comments for you to review.

Client Lists

Switch between client lists based on how they’ve engaged with your programming to segment what you see.


A list of all clients active on your programs.


Prospective clients trialling your subscription based programming.


Outstanding client invites, or those yet to start their program.

Past Clients

View old clients, with the option to invite them to something new.


Find out which clients have spent the most on your programming.

Mood & Energy Levels

Get an insight into the mood and energy levels of your clients. Adjust the time periods and use this to understand if they need a little care and attention.

Completion Rate

How much of your programming is being completed? Find out who’s missing days, or simply viewing and not logging their results. 

Status tags

Program Finished
Needs training
All good
Not started
Ending soon
Cancelled by client
Coach cancelled
Pending program sign up

Take action...

Send a message

Add new training

Review client activity

& more

Quickly invite clients to a new program, cancel subscriptions, offer refunds, mute notifications, and more.

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Review & Build

Evolve your programming as you learn

Review client performances directly in the schedule view, attach feedback, and build improved programming for your clients.

Leave feedback & attach files

Attach files such as images and videos directly into the scheduling view while you review your client’s performances. Leave feedback and respond to their comments while you view your program's schedule.

Completion Rate

See the completion rate of training days in your programming and understand which parts have been completed, partially completed, or missed by your clients.

Group Activity

When reviewing your programming, we’ll show you a list of clients based on whether they’ve completed all, some, or none of the set programming. We’ve made it easy to send a message to everyone in these lists, so whether you’re praising your active clients or asking questions of anyone who isn’t completing their training, contacting your program followers is only ever a click away.

Search & Filter

Search your past programming for specific clients or elements you’ve included in your training such as benchmarks, challenges, descriptions and part titles. Use this to tailor and build future programming.

Build and copy new training days

Create new days whilst looking at past scheduling and client performances. Copy directly from the past into the future as you build new days and edit your programming as required.

Review & Build is available with Custom and Group Calendar program types.
Video Guidance Icon
Video Guidance

Show them how it’s done.

Is your client’s form slightly off? No problem. Rather than tell them what’s wrong, show them with a video that can be saved in your media library for future use.

Hear it from our coaches...

"We made the switch to Fitr a few months ago and we are very happy with how easy and customer friendly this program is. We are very excited to use Fitr to grow our business further."

Kristin Holte & Joakim Rygh
Kriger Training

For the coaches who want to get the most out of their clients.

Harness our features to personalise your training and motivate your program followers.

Daily Leaderboards & Challenges

Encouraging healthy competition.

Let your clients compare and socially interact with each other on real time leaderboards. From Daily Leaderboards within each of your specific programs, to wider Challenges encompassing all of your clients, integrate another level of client management into your online programming.

Laptop screenshot showing leader boards for online fitness coaches to monitor and motivate their clients.
Daily Leaderboards Icon

Daily Leaderboards

Add one-off scored workouts into a single program on any given day. Clients following the program can upload their performance and see how they stack up against the competition.

Watch Daily Leaderboards Video
Exclusive to clients following the same program
A one-off leaderboard - clients submit scores and then move onto the next day and a new Daily Leaderboard
Clients add scores, like, comment and interact with each other on the day the Daily Leaderboard is set
Link a Daily Leaderboard into any workout in your program’s schedule
Encourage social interaction and competition unique to each of your programs
Results automatically weighted to adjust for scaled workouts (modifying prescribed workout to suit client ability)
Challenges Icon


Create challenges for all of your clients across multiple programs. Your central challenge leaderboard will automatically update in real time as clients submit new entries.

Watch Challenges Video
Insert the same Challenge into all of your programs for everyone to join in
Reuse Challenges over time and watch your clients climb the central leaderboard
Watch as social interaction grows over time with new entries, likes, comments and support from your client base
Create your own Challenge or select from a pre-loaded library of over 800 Challenges
Build your wider community and encourage competition across your entire client base
Fixed challenges to ensure direct comparison on the central leaderboard

Hear it from our coaches...

“For me it was a no brainer going with Fitr. They’re the most thoughtful program building site that simplifies the process of putting your creations into good formats in a way your clients can follow and understand easily. The payment process for both athletes and coaches has been made easy and that alone allows you to focus on programming over time consuming admin.”

Joshua Al-chamaa
Move | LA


Lead your clients to success

You’re only ever one click away from communicating with your clients.

One messenger to replace them all

Whether you’re reviewing the performance of an individual client, or you’re sending an update to your entire community, we’ve made it easy to communicate no matter where you are in our platform.

1 to 1 client messaging

Chat directly to your client about their training, how they're feeling, or to answer any questions they have.


Start group chats between you and your clients, specific to each of your subscription based programs. Use community chats to socialise and interact with your clients while based remotely.

Community Control

Community chat groups are automatically updated as clients leave and join your programming. No more admin headaches.

Across the platform

Your clients can chat and interact with each other in various areas of the platform.


Tag individual members or entire leaderboards and communities in your messages to notify the right people.


Share media such as documents, images and videos.

Your Feed

Everything you need to know in an easily manageable view. See all notifications, or view by the the following types:


Client and program warnings, such as outstanding programming required.

Client Activity

View client performances that require your review.


A list of all financial notifications such as new program followers, or a client cancelling their subscription.


Any outstanding invites that you’ve sent to your clients.


See updates relating to all your leaderboards, such as when someone tags you in a comment.


If a client @tags you for some help or it’s getting social on your leaderboard, we’ll let you know when you’re needed in conversation.

Notification Control

Control which notifications appear in your feed with the options to mute specific programs and clients. If you’re managing a large client base or you’re being hassled by a free giveaway, adjust your notifications so that you can focus on the clients and programming that matters most.

Your feed will automatically update as new notifications arrive, but you can also control additional email notifications, just let us know your preferences.

Tick Icon
Daily Summary

Every day, we’ll send you a summary of any notifications that need your attention.

Tick Icon
Financial Emails

We’ll send you an email every time there’s financial activity, such as new program subscriptions.

Notifications & Warnings

Business finances on auto-pilot.

Harness the power of Stripe to analyse your earnings and proactively drive your business forward. View detailed sales summaries, customer information and financial reports directly in your Stripe dashboard.

Financial statistics for a personal trainer to monitor their program sales for online remote coaching

Keep your finger on the pulse


View all transactions with information on the status of each payment.


Monitor client subscriptions to know when you’ll be paid next and keep track of overdue accounts.

Program Sales

Understand how each of your programs are selling. Which ones are most popular?

Free Trials

Monitor clients in free trials via Fitr or Stripe. Give them some extra support to secure the conversion.


View coupon stats and number of redemptions.

Client Data

Access detailed information about your clients, such as life time value, refunds and more.

Business Finances

Use Stripe reporting to manage business finances and cash flow.


Connect Stripe to your accounting software and other supported apps.

Invoices & Receipts

Download sales invoices and receipts from Stripe, or export more detailed CSV files.

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancel client subscriptions and easily offer partial or full refunds.


Dedicated Client and Coach Apps are available for download on iOS & Android. Check them out by using the links below.

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