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Screenshot of setting up a bank account to handle payment from clients through Fitr Training remote coaching software

All the tools needed to manage your remote fitness business.

Manage your clients, financials and day-to-day operations in a single intuitive platform.

Video Guidance Icon
Video Guidance

Show them how it’s done.

Is your client’s form slightly off? No problem. Rather than tell them what’s wrong, show them with a video that can be saved in your media library for future use.

Lead your clients to success.

Built-in client messaging with extra features to help you manage your program followers.

1 to 1 Messaging Icon
1:1 Messaging

Chat and share media via our messenger or leave feedback notes and video guidance directly on client performances.

Group Chats Icon
Group Chats

Launch group chats, known as 'Communities', which will automatically keep up to date based on active client subscriptions. No more "who's in, who's out?". Chat with groups of clients without the need for private Facebook groups.

Financial Dashboards Icon
Financial Dashboards

Business finances on auto-pilot.

Analyse your earnings and where improvements can be made, with breakdowns of sales by program type, client location and more.

Financial statistics for a personal trainer to monitor their program sales for online remote coaching
Invoices and Receipts Icon
Invoices & Receipts

Download sales invoices and receipts for your reporting purposes. Your clients can download their billing history too.

Client Cancellations and Refunds Icon
Client Cancellations & Refunds

Cancel client subscriptions on their behalf and easily offer partial or full refunds at the same time. We're here for you if there's hiccups along the way to greatness.

CSV Reporting Icon
CSV Reporting

Export reports of your sales to CSV files with hyperlinks to invoices. Filter by date, client location, program and more. Great for accounting purposes.

For the coaches who want to get the most out of their clients.

Harness our features to personalise your training and motivate your program followers.

Leaderboards Icon

Encouraging healthy competition.

Let your clients compare themselves against each other on real-time leaderboards. From daily workouts to all-time records, link scores to any session on any program.

Laptop screenshot showing leader boards for online fitness coaches to monitor and motivate their clients.
Fitr Training Community Analysis Icon
Fitr Training
Community Analysis

See how your clients are performing by analysing their benchmark performances against each other and the wider Fitr Training community.

Coming soon
Challenges Icon

Create and insert challenges into any of your programs. We’ll collate client scores from across your programming into a central challenge leaderboard.

Coming soon
Benchmark Review Icon
Benchmark review

Review your client’s benchmark entries and any associated media. Even compare media entries side by side to see your client’s progress over time. Start a comment thread directly on the benchmark entry itself.

Coming soon
Mobile view of chatting with clients as individuals or groups for online fitness coaching platform
New Client Feed Icon
New Client Feed

An automatically filtered list of new clients directly in your Inbox. Easily see who’s new and received your program’s welcome message. Drop them a further note for a personal touch.

Notifications and Warnings Icon
Notifications & Warnings

Our feed system makes it super easy to see when something needs your attention. Plus, our warning system lets you know when clients are nearing the end of scheduled training or their program.

Native Apps Icon
Native Apps

Dedicated apps for both clients and coaches to help you stay in touch and train together.

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