Fitr Fast Track

Maximise your online business potential in 14 steps by following the Fitr Fast Track Fixed Length program.
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WEEK 01/

Get your business ready by learning which program types support your business, familiarising yourself with our time saving features and automating your business.

Choosing the right program type to support your business.
Familiarise yourself with our time-saving features.
How to reduce your admin time.
How to market your products and services.
How to sell your brand.

WEEK 02/

Focus on the experience for your clients, and how you can use specific Fitr features to engage and motivate your clients and build communities.

Learn how different program types work for various clients.
Tracking your client’s progress using benchmarks, body metrics and challenges.
Motivating your clients and building communities.
Retaining your clients and generating revenue.

Follow a Fitr program

Experience Fitr the way your clients do and see some real examples of how our app can be used to create an outstanding client experience and a successful coaching business.

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Note: To download the program you’ll need a client account under a different email too.

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