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Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, pro athlete or have just started training, Fitr Training is for you.

Follow your coach’s methods from anywhere in the world and at the same time, or in isolation, build your very own training schedules.

How a Fitr Training plan works

Your coach, PT or someone else has given you a link to their plans on Fitr. and you’re wondering what happens next? Purchase a plan, and you’ll be on the road to getting Fitr.

We’ll guide you through the payment process and once subscribed, your coach will populate your training calendar with content. It’s that simple. All you need to do now is follow their methods.

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I don’t have a plan link?

So you haven’t seen a Fitr Training coach promoting their services yet? No problem. You can use Fitr Training for free to build and track your very own training schedule and performances over time.

We’ve got more too! Track your very own customised list of personal bests directly on Fitr Training You choose what to track, what metrics they’re measured in, and over time see how you’ve improved on your progress charts.

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I’ve got a coach but they don’t use Fitr Training.

Does your coach use PDF, emails or Google Docs to deliver your training? Or another service that means you can’t track your personal bests or own training schedule? That’s old school and won’t do.

Our clients and coaches love the ability to discuss not just the coach’s content, but also any client created content AND their personal best improvements. Let your coach know about Fitr Training by adding their email below:

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Fitr Training Client Features

Built to connect clients to their coaches.

It starts with a link

Get started by following your coach’s unique link to their training plans.

Get connected

We’ll manage the payment process to get you connected to the coach.

Your schedule in your pocket

Follow your coach’s methods from anywhere at any time. Everything on Fitr Training works on mobile and laptop.

Create your own content

Found time for some extra training. Build your training sessions to supplement any coaching.

Track your progress

Keep an eye on your performances over time. Supplement any text with media to keep track of technique improvements.

Record personal bests

Everyone loves smashing PBs, use Fitr Training to track yours.

Chat with your coach

Keep in touch directly in Fitr Training.

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