Coach Spotlight: Emma McQuaid

Learn how Emma McQuaid uses Fitr Training to offer remote coaching to her clients, what she loves about the platform and how it’s allowed her to offer a higher level of coaching.


December 17, 2019

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We sat down with Emma McQuaid, Ireland's fittest woman and 7th fittest in the world, to learn a bit more about why she uses Fitr Training, how it’s helped her to offer remote coaching, and what she loves most about our platform.

What types of coaching do you offer, and to how many clients?

I offer a complete bespoke one to one service, as well as group-based programming, and train roughly 20 clients at any one time.

I am also excited to offer the "box" programming for CrossfitTM CastleWellan

How did you train your clients before Fitr Training?

I started out sending pdfs and Google sheets to each client, tracking their emails, requesting their payments directly myself and monitoring these, keeping an eye on lapsed subscriptions, and communicating over numerous social media sites was so time-consuming I simply couldn’t grow my remote programming business.

I chose Fitr Training because they took the time to explain everything which made it easy to get started, plus they take care of the payments so all I need to do is write the programming.

What challenges have you overcome by utilising Fitr Training?

Fitr Training gave me the ability to manage all my coaching under one roof. Its group-based programming meant I could program in a single calendar once, in the knowledge it was getting to each of my clients exactly when they needed it.

It’s great that I don’t have to worry about billing my clients. Once I set up the price of the programs that was it, I haven’t given it another thought and I get automatic transfers into my bank account. It means that I can spend my time coaching my clients and being an athlete.


How did you find getting up and running on Fitr Training?

It was really straight forward. Once I understood that you built programs and signed up clients to them I was away, simple as that. 

How have you found the different program types you can use?

As mentioned, I train both individual clients and those that prefer a more group-based approach. These obviously have different price points and separating them out into different programs meant I can split the payment side of things too.

Some of my programs require clients to start on day 1 so it’s great I have that option too. Others are based on a rolling schedule where I just want them to get involved from whatever the session is today.

What’s your favourite feature of Fitr Training?

Percentage based programming, which is unique to Fitr Training, allows me to instantly provide individualised workouts unique to each client, across limitless clients at a time, whilst I only have to write the program and its workouts once.  My clients don’t reach for a calculator when they receive my workouts, they get split times, weights, paces, wattage numbers etc specific to them based on their PB, or ‘milestone’, numbers.

As a coach using Fitr Training, what would you say has benefitted you most from using the platform?

As a summary, it’s the overall ease of programming, the differing styles I can use as a coach and having everything under one roof. Programming, payments and client review, all in the same place. It’s a huge time saver for me.

And finally, how’s the feedback from your clients using Fitr Training to access your services?

I’ve only ever had good feedback from my clients. They love that they can access the training wherever they are, and it’s clear and easy to see what they have to do each day whilst tracking their results.

They can add comments and videos, I can review these in my own time, i can access a growing video library or link or add my own, all within Fitr Training.

How does Fitr Training support remote coaching?
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